Chuck Close

Kate Moss

Chuck Close was the first cross media image maker I had seen in an exhibition in Rochester NY. I had no idea initially that Chuck Close even was a painter. I thought he was soley known for his photographs, especially his large self-portait prints. Chuck just all seems to be pushing the use of space in his images. Compiling small grids of color and shape to compose large scenes. An aspect that I hope to more fully place in my prints like have with basic drawing.

In the years since I saw Chuck Close’s work I have become more involved in print making. In light of this I’ve also noticed that it seems like there’s two fields of appreciation for Close…

One being Painting, the other Photography

Close is praised highly for his paintings by news media and wikipedia. They love his paintings and even more a disability that has hindered his painting skill. Also that he has been painting for 30 years. But if you read most interviews with Close the focus is on his traditional and digital printing techniques. For example in an interview with David Adamson, there is no mention of painting only printing. Kinda strange that no one mentions this on news broadcasts.

Chuck Close interview with David Adamson

So why all this focus on painting? I think everyone needs to shut the fuck up about painting and Chuck Close because they obviously have not studied him. If I see one more special about Close’s painting I’ll just deicide that they dont care about image making or think that there is more validity to painting than printing.

Chuck Close is abused by the media for the public. Just because its digital doesnt mean its less creative, its being update. Chuck Close is the Fucking Man.

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