Negatives Update=A Pleased Me

I don’t have any images to show at the moment, but I have just developed negatives of my time spent shooting at the Latham Circle Mall (ie in Latham NY).For anyone who doesn’t know Latham Circle is a one story mall that once was the center shopping center for the suburb located outside Albany NY. I was reminded of the depressing relic of urban developement when I happened to accompany my mother who was returning a jacket to Burlington Coat Factory. It was Christmas and the mall was largely deserted with a lone Santa Claus who had no children to greet. It was so erie and bleak that I returned this summer to shoot 3 rolls worth of film. Its not just me whose noticed this.


The shots however successfully capture the sheer emptiness of this dead once vibrant mall. When I visited I don’t think there were even more than 50 people in the mall at the time. The pictures are in  black and white. I have not deicided if I will traditionally print this in a darkroom or turn them into digital files. But please stay posted if you like urban spaces and the wasted space of the endless construction of mall/retail space.

A really good point on this subject is the following link to the largest mall in the world currently…and how it is a complete failure. I first came across this mall on POV on PBS.


Mall of Misfortune, The National

Stay tuned for more details on this project

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