I’m Diggin on Francis Schranberger.

I enjoy looking at Francis Schranberger’s Cyanotype series Dr. Frangst. The series is a comical reflection on the history of cyanotype because Schranberger posed himself as a natural scientist. Natural Scientists were the pioneers and creators of the cyanotype method. Schranberger wearing a lab coat photographs himself frozen in study of a forest enviroment. In a past life he imagines that he was a scientist who studied cellular biology.Most importantly Schanberger uses cyanotype as a medium to capture the past in the form of an old legacy of photography.

I’m not sure if I’m interested in pursuing cyanotype printing until I have tried it. But what I find most interesting about a cyanotype print is that it is has the ability to be rejuvenated with age. Even if a print fades due to light exposure it can be revived with redevelopment. Cyanotype reads to me as the most fragile print but has the greatest possible lifespan.

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