Topless Photo Series

My new photo series is right now titled Topless but that name will probably go soon. One day I saw a girl lift her t-shirt over her head and exposed her stomach while sunbathing with her friends. After seeing that I considered what are body areas that people notice at a point of initial physical attraction. I concluded the face and torso are the prime areas. Yet clothes always cover our bodies so I decided to reverse this order and photographed models with white t shirts flipped over their heads leaving the faceless and their

Don’t ask me why the images are sideways wordpress did that…

As I took more of these photos overtime I started thinking this series was becoming about abuse? In the later photos I intentionally added suggestive posing that was defensive. But We’ll see where the narrative goes later on. I’m going to include straight Bio pics of my subjects also. I want to capture a initial feeling of the subjects being watched by the audience and that the shirtless depictions can either be the reality or fantasy of the viewer.

When I originally envisioned this project I knew it was going to be in a scumy place like the Davis Gym Bathroom and enclosed. I wanted a decayed cell space and exposed models like Nine Inch Nail Videos. But not about Sadomasochism.

Despite the direction I’m going to print this series either in all or mostly Van Dyke printing process.

One Response to “Topless Photo Series”

  1. i know those hips and that stance…

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