Dead Fly’s!!!!!!!! 2 Funny

So here is some great images of an unknown creator who I am presuming is dutchy? Its just dead files in pencil illustrations. I’ll definetely keep this in mind since I’m considering sticking some dead flies in a future painting some day. Enjoy.

If anyone knows who made these please inform me on this blog.

3 Responses to “Dead Fly’s!!!!!!!! 2 Funny”

  1. jeffreygrigel Says:

    That is hilarious! I wish I’d thought of that.
    Some things are cuddly-adorable (like kittens) and some are disgusting-adorable. In this latter category, dead flies must be near the top, just under dead bees.

  2. I remember Kevin Carr telling me about these! They’re so cute. I’m glad you put them on your blog, otherwise I would have forgotten about them.

    P.S. I don’t know who did them.

  3. michaelchernoff Says:

    PS thanks for telling me you don’t know I will rule you out as a candidate for knowing the artist responsible.

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