Final Project Ideas….?

So I’ve decided on 2 possible outcomes for a project in my photo class coming up soon.

Project Concept 1#- I’m thinking of printing my topless series on to shirts with a brown printing process. I’m not sure if kallitype is a possibility for fabric but I am not very successful at the moment for finding examples of Vandyke printing on fabric. Mostly I’ve found cyanotype fabric prints instead. If I print these on shirts I plan on having my models from the project wear the printed shirts in the same space I shot in at Davis Gym. I most likely will use a film camera for the second shoot.

Project Concept 2#- I would collage the topless series by individual model and post them onto wood panels. The processes would range from cyanotype all the way to palladium/platinum (minus liquid light). Silk screening may be done also? The papers and size will also vary and will most likely be thin or medium thickness. Most importantly I plan on coating the entire panel in either resin, polyurethane, schalack, or galkyd. Anything that will give a protective shine basically. I may use the galkyd in a patchy fashion over already coated surfaces for an added color effect. Will Contino told me other students have tried this also but once again the internet isn’t showing me any image results.

Right now I’m leaning towards number 2, until Brian Arnold consults with me…hint hint Brian, I’m not moving a definite direction however. I have tried posting a cyanotype on plywood with galkyd and am reasonably impressed.

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