Regular Update…Gaduh

So I haven’t been keeping up with my blog lately due to stressful amounts of work to do. Besides the fact that I’m worried I won’t finish everything I want to accomplish I’m starting a new etching today. I haven’t done much etching this semester, so I’m glad for a change of pace. My composition is a Bear fight 10 unarmed midgets. This image came from a long table discussion I had with my roommates at lunch about this scenario of midgets fighting a bear. Personally I voted for the grizzly as the winner but there was a mixed  conclusion about the winner in the end of the talk.

Bear Midget vs 10 midgets sketch

This drawing will be transferred onto a zinc plate with hard ground.

Also I deicided to go with the collage option for my final photo project. I am going to use cyanotype, kallitype, and palladium printing on Masa paper and fabric. More details on that later. I got over my palladium problems too, namely it was the paper that sucked not me. Brian couldn’t remember the watercolor paper he gave me for the palladium but it was the best material. The masa paper also works well so I’ll be sticking to it for the project.

4 Responses to “Regular Update…Gaduh”

  1. wow.. you drew that?

    its soo awesome..

  2. courtneywilcox Says:

    the midgets are winning.

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