Final Project Progress

Well I have been doing a lot of hazardous work with toxic chemicals so I better get an A for it. The earlier t-shirt idea was thrown out but I still plan on printing on fabric possibly with palladium instead of kallitype. I have three birch wood boards stained sepia tone ready to go and I will paste down photos and overlay them with varnish. Through my test results I have found that the following do and don’t work for tacking and glazing the photos.


Spray glue- Doesn’t Work

Paper cement- Works

Modge Podge- Kinda Works

Cellulose Liquid- Doesn’t Work


Galkyd- Works

polyurethane Doesn’t Work

Galkyd and polyurethane Works

polyurethane and Stand Oil- Kinda Works

These are the results with Stonehenge and Masa papers:

3 processes will be used: Cyanotype, Kallitype, and Palladium. Previously I had thought I would do each person separately on wooden boards. Now I may combine two characters onto whole boards I just don’t know what to do with the left over wood?

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