I had to know

So I was sitting in my car driving home today and realized that although I knew digital and film photography are obviously different I didn’t know which was in a sense more preferrable. Digital is continues and nearly production cost free after initial investments. Film I pay as I go. But this article I discovered pretty much made digital seem shitty in terms of color range and resolution. Interestingly lightning photos are mostly possibly only on film, random but go figure.

I felt this year since I shot only a limited of number of pictures in film and the bulk of them in digital that I was getting lost in preference. I don’t regret shooting on dslr for most of my work and I hate spot toning film prints. It’s just reassuring that to know that film does give a better detail image and that unless color film is printed yourself it’s not as good. Hence I still only do color on digital. I’m not going to list more pros and cons but its nice to know I’m still on the same track despite the little shooting time I did this fall. If anyone wants to skim this long article and its many links.

Film vs Digital

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