Nudest Photographers Quest

So I recently I’ve been trying to discover pornographic photographers and not having much luck. If you put it into search engines you just generally get porn JPEG’s of busty women. So I attached a Czech model named Jana Defi and got some results. Not pornography but erotica and glamour images which is more like softcore stuff. I found two really great photographers named Daniel Cerny and Miroslav Szabó. Both I think are great because they don’t have shitty photo shoot backdrops like it’s for Cosmo or Penthouse, its more independent than mainstream.

Daniel Cerny’s photos with loving couples and when interacting i the nude read to me as a fantasy world where there is full sexual emancipation. But most of his solo women images are figures pinned down by their environment. I like better The skin tones and goosebumps he captures also heighten the personal element of the images too. His body paint is great when he turns bodies into portion of the color behind them and the driping paint binds the organic and inorganic together.

Miroslav Szabó is similar also to Daniel’s body paint in that the light and shadow of the pictures consume the body. His bodies coupled together through a grappling fashion creating a new figure that reminds me of a fertility statue. surprisingly both these photographers are Czech men?

So why are these European guys getting this down? I mean this are technically labeled as art nudes on the site I found them but why can’t they be commercial. These nudes are more sensory than playboy foldout and allow for more imagination?

But this wasn’t the reason I was looking for these photographers. The point is that these guys are relatively unknown in the US yet images of the women they have photographed for magazines are in picture galleries for carnal needs. The images again like in american pornography overshadow the creators. The porn stars and publications are known but not photographers and filmmakers. So how do famous image captures like Spielberg and John Carpenter rise above their creations for recognition?

4 Responses to “Nudest Photographers Quest”

  1. i like body paints because it could be used to portray art using your own body””,

  2. body paints are quite nice when you are out on a pool party or just about any party ;”,

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