Photography Statement

Throughout this semester I have come to be affirmed that I am pursuing a theme of mental projections through photography. Since sophomore photography I have explored sexual fantasies and feeling of self loathing. This semester I produced deceptions through photos of Cameron and undressing people with an imaginative eye.

But I am slowly finding this search of inner brain work to be expanding into multiple realms of imaginative thinking. The “Topless” series which is now my final project for the class has turned from thoughts of attraction, to sexualizing other persons, to know contemplating abuse. It’s hard for me to say which of these controlling impulses is the true idea. I suppose my work is now open to discussion as to what it represents.

Despite whatever opinion rises from the photographs I am pleased to have entered my photography into an arena of mix media. Discovering varnishes for photo fusing has been very exciting and frustrating. I enjoy solo photographs, but am not interested in transferring imagery into books or paper collectives (minus actual wood based paper itself). After seeing work like Christian Boltanski I am now more attached to having photos bound to objects rather than pages.

My hurdles still are mounting. This final project has flaws I did not want with the attachment of paper images to wood. Will Contino advised me to next time varnish first then attach and then re-varnish. But gluing, like tacking is something that needs to be resolved in my work.

Overall I am very pleased with my progression in this class, and the amount of printing I did. I only hope these ideas I’ve developed this semester continue to develope overtime in photography and my other areas of interest.

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