Tom Hanks this is for you

These oil painting I did are a self commentary on the oddness of actor Tom Hanks’s name. For some reason his name makes no sense to me and tastes weird when I pronounce it. Tom Hanks, Tom Hanks…Tom Hanks…Tom Hanks? Tom Hank-s? His name’s origin is confounding. It’s not like hankers, hankering, but hanks. Gaduh!?! Either way painted a series of 5 images of him based on a photo I found on google. As I invoke his name each time his appearance becomes more and more warped and disintegrates over time. I hope everyone enjoys these paintings as much as my classmates did. I’m surprised I finished these project at all.

3 Responses to “Tom Hanks this is for you”

  1. courtneywilcox Says:

    wow, this NOW makes sense when I see them together.
    your right, dont sell these alone, they go as a series.

  2. michaelchernoff Says:

    Gaduh!!!! As a series I’d only part with them for a total of at least 100$ I guess they’ll slumber in my room till then

  3. Hahahah Tom Hanks!!! …..Tom Hanks….Tooom Hanks..

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