Frank Zappa was a great advocate for musical and general media freedom. That censorship was wrong. And most musicians and music fans I know have favorable views of Zappa. But if you go way back on the youtube comment board for this video there were so many hateful words directed at Zappa. Subscribers said that he looked like some drugged up moron or that he didn’t know where he was. I don’t know if these are people who think the civil rights era was a joke or that libertarians are todays reality? I can’t figure out this mix criticism of Zappa, maybe they just won’t come out and say they hate his music. In any case I think this a great record of consumer freedom versus conservative values. Funny how Neo-Cons support the free market system but can’t take certain products like this.

2 Responses to “WHY HATE ZAPPA!!!”

  1. lumbertruck Says:

    Girls hate Zappa, I’ll give you that. I can’t remember the last woman I knew who really LOVED Zappa, although an x-wife did feign to enjoy him. . . until after we married. It went south from there.

    Most people prefer their music as wallpaper. Zappa demands front and center attention, and if I don’t have that to offer, I don’t put his music on.

    Die, Zappa Haters, Die.

    • Wow there is a lot of emotion in your response. I’ve never really taken inventory on whether girls like Frank Zappa or not. I recently read his self proclaimed biographies I enjoyed most of it but towards the end he seemed to trail off into the politcal unknown versus his actual experience with the music industry and government.

      Went South huh? You sound like a Zappa listener too.

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