Little Forgotten

Last night I had gotten hold of the classic children’s animation film Little Nemo  Adventures  in  Slumberland.  For many years  now  I  thought  that  I had  never seen the  film.  That  it was one of the few movies from the 1990’s I hadn’t enjoyed.  But after one scene where Nemo is eating cookies I remembered seeing the shot. The colors chimed a cookie craving and  then I saw the airships searchlights I knew I’d seen the feature but only vaguely remembered it.  The scene with King and the model train also resonated in my memory.  Especially since in my childhood I was very interested in trains.

Usually I consider myself extremely capable of recalling memories from early in my life. My earliest memory was being held by my mother in a rocking in my room and being sung to. I must have been almost a year old. But there are snipids of my life where I remember events that I saw on VHS and television that I sometimes can’t piece together as reality or dreams. I’m carrying around little things in the back of my mind. Another film was the The Red Balloon. I had all but forgotten about the french movie and after watching again a year ago I remembered most of it. The only detail I’d forgotten was the title.

Rewatching these films isn’t so much nostalgia driven but maybe exploring a past time through these movies. I’m resorting a life mixed with image media.

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