Googoo Vinyl

As a late bloomer and still blooming with music I usually am not too trustworthy with my own musical tastes and attention. Most of the music I am exposed to or know is through sharing with my friends. Throughout highschool and college my music knowledge has grown heavier but one facet of enjoying music I feel suitable in is vinyl listening.

In my childhood I would listen with my grandfather his vinyl records of classical tunes and watch the needle touch the smooth black surface and create a soft emptiness between songs. Today he is gone but I still use his turn table for my enjoyment. Vinyl for me is a stay at home musical luxury where most of the music I hear in my room is on records. Anywhere else is usually mp3’s or CD’s. I have no illusions that turntables are a modern novelty now and in terms of space and management are less convinient than CD’s and iPods. But I have them and they are cheap enough in used stores and there is a sound quality difference.

But now there is a resurgence in the market of restarting vinyl usage. Fine let companies release new turn tables, and there are plenty of records lying dormant from baby boomers who have bought into their children’s ways of digital and compact music. But it really irks me now to see vinyl in music stores as new products. Not because it’s purposely retro but because the prices are ridiculous.

I first witnessed this new marketing device of new vinyl reproductions of bands like Kraftwerk and the hits of Queen and David Bowie in the Virgin record store in Union Square. Incredibly these famous musical identities were priced anywhere from 25$-60$. This music is well-known but what makes it more unbelievable is that these are “new” in the sense they are reprints of classic albums. Probably the same orignal releases are lying around in music stores for less money and are more genuine and sentimental than any  vinyl album in stock. More importantly was is the point of paying so much money for albums that have always been available for years?

The only recent vinyl I bought was new music by Dethklok (music from my favorite show Metalacolypse) and I had no quarrels because it was not released 30 years ago. Now I even see vinyl has reached the malls of my hometown and it seems like even more money than I remembered. Like 65$ for a reprint of Guns and Roses.

Even with these prices now people my age are investing in vinyl for almost no reason. I knew a girl who last year bought a turn table online and didn’t even know ow to drop the needle…and I’m thinking why did you but this when you barely know how to use it? A 50-year-old device? I guess to be hip you have to show how into music you are by buying a technology everyone threw away. Well many hipsters out there will be lining up to get artificial albums and reflect on them.

I instead would rather just see new musicians on vinyl and I have. Mostly its been rappers I’ve seen on new vinyl most likely due to the fact that DJ-ing has not died out and that vinyl is highly valued by them. So everyone if you want an Ramones album on vinyl then go hunt for one or just settle for a cassette. All new music is a free game listening medium…choose what to spend your money on.

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