Great Videos for 2009

I’m not sure why but lately I’ve been paying more attention to music videos. I just finished a book on MTV so my interest has been restarted lately. But this year I’ve seen so many great videos that appear more experimental than most of the shitty rock and rap videos I see on MTV-U since the network can’t afford to play videos on the founding channel. Honestly I find it hard to always find new music videos on youtube instead of on tv. But streaming videos becomes less and less profitable everyday.

These two videos by Major Lazer and Depeche Mode represent to me as playing on the sexuality that is in a majority of videos. Major Lazer’s great song Pon De Floor coupled with video direction by Eric Wareheim has men and women dry humping. Instead of softcore imagery of people grinding and groping each other is a strange performance of high sexuality. It translates actions through dirty dancing without the consequences that happen, namely relations. Just ridiculous dancing happens here. A Hole To Feed by Depeche Mode features people licking each others faces. The video captures simple embrace without idiotic videos of lovers chasing each other around for 3 minutes.

I could be wrong that this was a good year for videos and was no different from any other year. But god do I love these videos. I would have posted Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video but vevo sucks on youtube and just doesn’t run well but it is also up here with these two. Gaga has brought back glam.

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  1. Thanks that was a excellent article!

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