Another quick not due to Cao!

I noticed another phenom Cao has studied is hip hop influence on Chinese culture. Here is an artist’s statement she made on her site for her project Hip Hop Guangzhou (2003).

If the bitterness of life could fade from our memory, how hard it would be for happiness to do the same? Take it easy, take it simple and happy, we don’t have to take burden. Nothing is important any more. All that people need is to form a whole, to dance without care and catch the eternity of happiness in a twinkling.

This is the 2nd time I’ve learned about chinese hip hop influence and it seems organic. Meaning that Chinese DJ’s and rappers largely rhyme about the social issues and disparities in China. Cao’s statement reaffirms my information on chinese hip hop. It’s not a obsesion or copying of American music or consumerism, but cultural diffusion that has given the chinese a new mode of expression.

But I’ve had limited exposure to chinese hip hop. I’ve only hear three musicians and I can’t recall their names.

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