Local Artist 3#

Last night at the reception for the ARTributes show I was entered in I encountered a new Graphic Designer in Albany. His name is Adam Furgang and his different processes were standouts. He does photography, painting, design, and printing and is formerly an NYC based designer.

This is a photograph scanned and enlarged, glazed with acrylic medium, and then painted and drawn on top. This is Adam’s Kindergarten class picture and it signified how his memory of these people had faded. The pictures are reduced to blobs of color and line.

His work for the Polaroid show was great too. It was another show the same night where the medium had to be based on Polaroid film.

Most of these shots are pictures of television screen images. Others were beach photos, curiously Adam took a pen and rubbed the emulsion off as soon as the images were done developing. The result was a lot of waviness and bubbling in the photo. From afar I though he had shot Photoshop images merged with water splashes.

I was very impressed with his work and hope to see more of it in the future. Here are more images he has made that were not featured in the show.

2 Responses to “Local Artist 3#”

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    • I took a look at the proposal Wayne and it does seem viable. Unfortunately I am not at a point in my career where I want to sell myself or anything I make full time on the internet. It is true links are key for getting noticed in search engines but I think I do a good job as it is for my thread links.

      It is nice to know I have regular readers out there in cyberspace and encourages me to write more often. If need be I will keep your offer open in the future.

      And yes it is suprising I come up quickly on google…I think it’s the rarity of my name.

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