Who Cares?

So I was diving around back into my past memories I remembered middle school. For the record System of A Down is one of the few bands I have enjoyed since age 13, considering most bands we’re into at that age are better left forgotten. In fact I was the one who exposed my classmates to the band because I was the only one who had purchased the Toxicity album and let them burn it to hell. But this isn’t the point…the story is that at this age I didn’t agree with the opinions of my classmates on SOAD.

Being teens and eager to know about pop culture because we aren’t 20 yet, guys would go on the SOAD website and recite word for word the meaning and thinking behind lyrics in Toxicity. It’s been so long that I can’t recall arguments but everyone thought the song Chop Suey was a celebration of suicide. I thought it was a protest song. Either way everyone went rabid and claimed “Hey dude it’s on the website…uh, deal with it.”

Talking about this isn’t just about music as far as I’m concerned. It is a story about products and what people think of them. Today I don’t know if I’m in favor of critics or artists explaining work. But just because some writer who has a decade more of experience than you in the world has opinion…doesn’t mean you have to recite it. In fact it can be rejected. For every artist there is always an idea and image attached to them for all time, and most of these labels I don’t think captures the pinnacle of artist achievement.

Louis Bourgeois…every time you google search her spider sculpture at the National Gallery collection in DC is the first and most circulated item in her career. But I don’t think it comes close to her best life’s work. The thing looks like those shitty sculptures that came to life in Beetlejuice (and that is very pop).

It’s a fucking spider, huge achievement? Or how about Van Gogh?

I think Starry Night is one of the most boring paintings I’ve ever seen. Every Van Gogh self-portrait painting interests me more than this. But these are the things typically thought of if you mention these people. It’s just critics knit picking what they think best represents these people…and sometimes I get the feeling this is just a form of cultural suppression. If we know creators for certain things then most people never get past it.

Another example to close this off…the Beatles, the best known Pop Rock Invasion band ever. It’s undeniable how influential they are but then Michael Jackson released the “1” album all of their best songs. Well I think Michael missed the Abbey Road Album. Maybe Number One is the product obsession and not the actual collective. We need singularities instead of a body of work because people want to know what a masterpiece is.

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