Caving in for Jana Defi

As I previously mentioned in another post I have studied many photographs of my favorite Czech model Jan Defi. Lately I’ve been sketching and painting pictures based on her modeling work. So after much speculation I decided to do some commentary on her, but not forming sentences about ogling her breasts which is what every other blog does about her.

Besides Jana’s stunning beauty is one of the most important things I like about women in photography, adaptability. Women like model Marie-Claude and photographer Cindy Sherman is that their bodies were amorphous objects that can take on different modes of prettiness. Their appearance can be dramatically heightened or lowered through make up and outfits but that’s only part of it. Their petite bodies some how help them to turn into new photo identities. Marie and Cindy don’t aren’t themselves anymore they are characters…and that is what separates some women from playboy bunnies, it breaks their name sake reality.

Jana visual quality depends on her body image. If her hair is wild and she is completely naked she gives off a barbaric vibe. If her hair is straitened and cut squarely while in dark garments she reads like a Cold War spy.

Jana has what I would call a funny face. Her face is always subject to change depending on the angle light hits her face. Her hair and eye make up cause the drastic changes. Her glamour career is also interesting to me because there seems to be almost differentiation between her nude and glamour photos. There is always a hint of too much breast being exposed (the photo above is a good example).

But Jana rarely does full nude modeling. I’ve seen only a few nude pictures and they are not usually commercial productions. Her work mostly has her dressed in swim suit attire. Her body language is also a plus for her, she has a very pressed aggressive stare and posture but is warm not cold.Jana is hugely popular but is not complete in her career yet. On youtube there are talk show segments featuring her and her career. I couldn’t translate but she seems to come under fire for her modeling in Europe. I don’t whether the women against her are feminists or critics of glamour and fashion culture but they seem to be against Jana’s breasts. Some people claim her popularity is on account of her huge breasts and not her face or figure. I will admit Jana is not a typical model. She is thick and curvy and has an odd nose hence her funny face. Her appearance is unconventional but who cares she has a spark and is more attractive to me than the thin women on the cover Cosmo.

Another problem is that I don’t think Jana’s photographers are able to produce her constantly. Meaning the photo quality varies for her shoots. She has multiple photographers but some of them seem like hacks. I tried hunting some down but most of them don’t even have personal websites. For the photos I’m showing here are only the very few I enjoy with Jana in them. Looking at her I appreciate more her body for study, than the photo environments and subject itself.

Jana seems like she needs to have a photographer that she and that person are devoted to each other. Most models stick to only a few camera “men” since there aren’t many female nude photographers for magazines. Also her website keeps a tight lock on copyrights so it’s hard to know who did some photographs. I hope Jana’s career continues to grow and I’ll see more concrete results for where she belongs in modeling because now it’s teetering between mainstream and orthodoxy.

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