The oddity of Latex Photography

After catching glimpses of Marie-Claude Bourbonnaise and listening to NIN’s Ghost album latex work I decided to devote some time this afternoon to researching latex photography. What I found  out about the endeavour is a typical and alluring. Most of the searches I did of latex lead to websites mostly devoted to porn. Latex is a huge icon for Bondage sex imagery. What makes it seductive is that suffocates the body with tension. A shiny second skin is added and acts similarly to a sex muzzle for the body. Unfortunately once again this genre is placed upon female bodies…and it just seems to support the idea of female abuse and exploitation in pornography. But I did notice there are women latex photographers along with the men.

It’s inescapable for latex to escape the sphere of fetish in the kingdom of adult entertainment. But Latex has ground in fashion also. Many European designers are behind the outfits in the media and some clothing items are very elaborate. But how is latex marketable if you don’t live in the matrix? It’s hard to stay warm in this stuff so I guess LA is one of the few places it can be utilized…ie porn again. So I suppose latex clothing doesn’t have much choice in the matter of who wants the stuff with low consumer options.

Bianca Beauchamp is currently one of the most popular latex model based in NYC. She certainly has the body to back it up. A photographer of hers is Martin Perrault a French citizen who does mostly latex photos. Some of the photos above were done by him. Here are 2 more images by Martin.

The most damning thing about latex is that even thought it is erotic it’s unfair. The pool for popular latex exploration seems small. A majority of the backgrounds are fictionalized to a point that they are obviously impractical. If latex models are placed in natural or urban settings unmanipulated then it can’t be hypersensitive. If so then get ready for most cyber punk entertainment which borders on erotica itself. I think if people like Martin Perrault pursue latex in a similar approach the trends may change. Instead of latex bounding it could be rest upon or hang from bodies. It’s not suffocation that creates eroticism but the effect of tension latex shows by revealing all the curves a woman has.

Also the black haired model below and at the top is Rubber Doll a gem in the latex porn industry. Not sure if Martin is her usual photographer.

2 Responses to “The oddity of Latex Photography”

  1. who is that asian girl with the tattos???

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