Silk Screen Project on the Horizon

So I had this idea for a project that is basically the most material consumer positive project I have in mind. I know strange wording but this thing is stranger. On the internet are occurences of anonymous surfers taking JPEGS themselves or copying others and putting in contemporary internet lingo or humor. I became captivated by this when my friend John Gill began flooding my facebook with them. Example.

So it is really contemporary internet trash art. Yet many people ages 17-30 love this crap. My upcoming idea is to do a similar style of comedy by using famous modern male painters who are well known and have catchy names, you know which ones. I will produce line drawings and scan them in as black and white images in photo shop. I will place questions of my own stylings but still in borrowed context of the Bro Kulture that is in the internet. Blah blah silk screens will be made from the digital portion.

I don’t want to give away too much since this idea is so dumb that many people could do it as well a I could. So stay tuned for further details and progress in the future.

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