So I was thinking tonight after I saw this photo that there have been people who like imitating me? For the record that is my coat, hat, bandana, and glasses being worn by friend Michael Gunadi. I guess there have been lots of people who think of me as a character…although I think its more like im a cartoon thats come to life.

Other people have been people like Zach Grosser who dressed as me for Halloween, I even loaned my hat and vest for the costume. Or Steve Burger imitating my laugh and volume of my voice. It is strange to think I can be idolized. Most people who other people find “cool” don’t consider themselves that. It’s nice to know there are mimics out there…and on the other hand people often tell me I remind them of other people they knew or know. Clones.

2 Responses to “Mimicry”

  1. Now that i made it on your blog fame and riches will be mine!

    • Oh….oh…uh did you do a search on yourself there betch? I thought so yeah its just such a great picture you better be taking good care of the bandana you stole from me. I’m taking a print of yours soon.

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