Kevin Carter’s Dead History

Found this  picture and short bio on Kevin Carter who I had no idea killed himself and was the photographer for this image. Photographing or filming extreme human tragedy must be damning for the people who do it. Usually they receive a lot of praise for their deeds from publications and humanitarian organizations…with that praise come awards and money. Sometimes people directly profit from documenting suffering and not the invisible forces and individuals who create these situations for profit. If artists could maintain this idea couldn’t they find dignity in the images they capture?

Yet they still feel guilt or responsibility because the victims they capture die and they live on and prosper. Kevin Carter apparently killed himself due to fear of money and horrors. I wonder if anyone has done a survey on suicide photographers and film makers?

2 Responses to “Kevin Carter’s Dead History”

  1. I think in his case it was because everyone ripped him to shreds for not helping the kid.

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