What Have I been Missing?

I’ve been a novice with my DSLR…maybe all my photography. Maybe all my good photos were flukes and I mistakenly took good ones. I hardly used to notice what f-stop I was at I just stared at light meters. I hardly knew any of the modes in my D40 until this past month. At first I was depressed by these facts. Lately I haven’t known what to shoot and the things I did were mostly unimpressive. Then I got pissed.

But now that I’ve mastered these modes I took snaps of my television with Nip Tuck on and the feed back and interlace are amazing to look at in BW and color. In one instance I’ve discovered a new features of a camera and a new subject…tv screens a favorite of mine. Now photos will the clarity I want. TV screens should be given thanks to Peer Bode…I took some shots of his video at a show. I don’t mind if the pictures get swiped on the web.

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