Michael Johansson

While this guy does not take a sculptural route that I’d take…Michael Johansson skillfully creates compact objects of smaller objects. He is so proficient at packing that he fits all together soundly geometric. Looking at these crammed cubes makes me wonder why furniture didn’t take this extreme conservational form in light of cubist decor. Stereos built into shelves-tv dinner racks…the closest thing to thing we have to this are wall shower radios and…uh more wall clocks…bookshelves?

Whether furniture like this is really applicable seeing so many utilitarian objects united almost trivialized material existence. If some one broke American Beauty into a conceptual video I think the set design would be similar to this. The sculpture also reminds me of compact enviroment design of early gameboy games from japanese developers. Pokemon especially had shelves, tvs, and other boxy items that crammed real world detail into 8 bit descriptors. I definitely applaud another fellow Michael on job well done.

He also made a pingpong ball race course powered by hair driers that I appreciate a lot too.

2 Responses to “Michael Johansson”

  1. I applaud another Michael on applauding another Michael. By the way I like those photos in the post before this one.

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