Harder Hall

So the weather has been good here and I haven’t had time lately to update my blog as much as I would like to. But I’m writing to today about the reconstruction of the art school that I may not be here to see finished. Yesterday I found out that the courtyard is going to be ripped up and new gallery space will be placed in and the front of harder hall will be expanded.

This sudden construction is a little weird for me because it’s a mixed bag of benefits. On the one hand the school needs more gallery space, studio space, and just space in general. And it’s great that our program keeps expanding and the school just doesn’t seem to stop spending. But the Dean and Trustee’s approved destroying public space in front of our school along academic alley?

This just seems like another case of governing heads eliminating space where people interact so they can attract more prospective students and boost tuition and prestige. But where are students supposed to spend their time outside…on no man’s land lawn? Ceramics interior? The basement entrances that have locked doors? The courtyard is a free style space where it is used for shows, athletics, and socializing, and its a point where everyone enters and it fucks up senior shows. I don’t even think a 3 or 4 story structure is going to look good squished against the side-walk.

The nice thing about towns and campuses is that there a centered space for congregation and everyone knows it. If we put a building there, everyone will wonder “are people hanging out?” “Where?” There are lots f space in Alfred but it’s an art school space issue. This an issue of progress for the school but progress sometimes leads to irreplaceable losses…take a look at Hornell.

I wonder what would happen if students protested? But I don’t think this a big enough loss to picket.

2 Responses to “Harder Hall”

  1. You could always out in the International House … I always thought it was just skaters out front there anyways …

  2. Hey Smokers are there 2 Mike

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