Peer Bode

SO I HAD A HUGE URGE TO WRITE ON THIS BLOG!!! And I was trying to research my professor Peer Bode. He is the farthest to the right in the picture above. He is a huge mystery from the origin of his name to how notorious he is. He always tells us great stories about video but I can’t find much about him. Is it that he doesn’t need to write about himself on the internet or no one does?

I’ve only seen 4 of Peer’s videos and they all impress me. Peer uses a lot of saturated colors and scrambled overlays from tapes and video feed. If I had actual video links I would link them here. He just seems so untouchable and then I hear things about him being super competitive with Andrew Deutsch. Everytime I see him I chip off a little bit of exterior knowledge from him besides his book smarts.

I remember the first talked to Peer with hellos and he would hello back. The hellos turned into whats the weather like? Until finally I took video with him this semester and now he’s going to be my senior advisor next semester. Really I guess this post is a beacon for information on Peer. If Peer himself or anyone knows any extensive resources or fun info Peer let me know here.

4 Responses to “Peer Bode”

  1. Man crush much?

  2. I can’t lie, i’m jealous, my teachers suck.

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