I had seen the movie in its entirety and was watchting a portion of Where the Wild Things Are again last night. Personally I enjoyed the movie and think its really complex and nearly perfect in story and plot. But I was discussing with my roomate Amy about nostalgia and that this movie makes her yearn for the past evnthough there is nothing in the movie that resonates from her childhood. And this idea of nostalgia and youth is rampant in contemporary indie rock and young adult cinema and television.

While a lot of nostalgia or childlike indie media is fun and usually quirky its also embarassing and self defeating at the same time. The whole idea of returning to our youth for pleasure and entertainment also numbs my generation and those after to it our future. Our future responsibilites that is; never before has the world seemed so uncertain and in peril with environmental and economic collapse so possible. When we return to our memories as children we feel secure because most America children have no expectations or control over their lives at young age. We could only enjoy ourselves and let our parents plan our days for us. By becoming children again people become passive and incapable of taking any initiative. But this model may be more appropriate for white indivials and more precisiely middle class white people. A generation where we have had no war or rebellion worth remembering becuase our lives have become so rich and easy there is nothing to disturb except if our money disappeared.

Amy said that the nostalgia of indie media made her feel helpless and that is how she identified with the main character Max. A band like MGMT has a great opening track in Oracular Spectacular with the song of the same name; speaking about progress and life. But then there is a nearly stomach churning Weekend Wars. Just the title is enough to make you realise how insulated and inexperienced the song’s point is. MGMT I think is just the best example of extra youth centered music and they have a mixed bag of songs that I agree and reject with.

But the entire indie movement just seems like a ploy for young people to avoid problems and fight over consumption of capitalism by conquering salvation armies for the political hipster scene. Just to be clear I am not calling WTWTA a bad movie but that it is in an arena of questionable media to me. It’s like the message of Industrial, Punk, and Metal have fallen inwards for a youth message and instead we should keep obsessing over our pasts and not drawing on any of it for the future. Rap would have been nice for a while but its just the same as the indie…vanity of our material lives.

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