Julien Mokrani

On Vimeo on found a video Called Beauty Reel it was crafted by a music video director named Julien Mokrani. I don’t know much about him (I’m pretty certain it’s an him). I can’t tell what his videos on the site are supposed to be about. It’s really mostly pretty thin women and a music video for a metal band which I didn’t care for the video or song. Since I haven’t seen much of his video work I have mixed feelings about what his work represents and if it holds my attention as art.

However his portraiture within photos are amazing. There is a sense of unaltered beauty in the images that doesn’t need nudity or provocative gestures. The bodies in the photos seem to effortlessly shine and the lighting and size of the photos dramatizes them to a new high. Both color and black and white are treated with same light and drawn out glamour of real stress and thinking positions. If that made any sense it’s that poses appear genuine and hide a formula of positioning models for media. Julien is a master of getting his models to pose without forcing gazes or pushed out bodies. Still the ideal prettiness is retained in his photos that resemble fashion and glam photos.

Julien seems to be relatively new creator so I hope he puts more video work up on the internet and that his photography will continue to grow along side it.

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