Art Happenings

Yesterday sadly I was alarmed by the fact that Louis Bourgeois has passed on from this world from a heart attack. Reading her death at 98 was heart wrenching, sadly even more she is one of the few female artists I can summon up in my head quickly. I was first exposed to her work at the Guggenheim in NYC which was doing a retrospect on her. I saw her life’s work in one sweep of the spiraling floors. I didn’t know what to expect from the exhibit except her name was part of socialist thinking vocabulary. Each sculpture impressed me and more from arch of hysteria to her Cells. Supposedly she had been still working until her recent end. Her life seemed to sum up a a lot things women deal with from infidelity, the sides of men, and being unnoticed by societal culture until later in life. Thinking about it now she is my favorite sculptor. I can only hope some curators snatch her unfinished work in her studio and display in New York soon.

The other news is I finally was able to see 3 galleries in Barcelona today. I have been so busy with shopping and class events that I havent gotten a lot of free time to explore. In Albany my home town the art work is pretty poor. I don’t see a lot of interesting work and mostly hack paintings and ink jet photos. But here in Barcelona were numerous photographers who must be so new that I can’t find them on the internet…nada, no websites or at least not yet hopefully I can track down these photographers. It’s refreshing to know that I am in a city where there a new photographers creating high-definition work and not cliché buying details like dogs and horses. A gallery attendant I spoke told me her experience in art in Arizona would have been native american chickens and horses all the time for a living. Similarly I tell my compatriot John Gill he should just draw horses in Saratoga and sell them at the track.

Stuff like that isn’t art because it doesn’t go anywhere only into peoples homes and makes no new societal ideas. Only the same dullness is reciprocated. But the paintings in Barcelona still seemed stale.

The artist I saw today were…

Amadeo Berges

M Barcelo…Great bull fighting mono prints

Pavel Amilcar

German Peraire

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