Hurts…Feels Better

Because I watch the music video channel in Barcelona so much I am staying hip to the music popular here. A band I had not heard of until seeing their video is called Hurts. They are new band with a debut song Feels Better than Love. Besides the song rifting my emotions side to side with the vocals and technotronic tinkers I didn’t think I would enjoy the video as much as I did. The pulses with a sort of 1930s German Art Cool scene wardrobe and basement studio set up. It is hard to decipher if it’s a play at first, then a dance rehearsal or audition. The video borders on a fictionalised group of avant garde individuals that most people read about instead of just being. Wanting to be futurists or dadaist…that is what the desire is and it is separate from what the audience in the video is searching for.

I am not sure how excited I should get about this band since I have no other songs by them. But I am hopeful to hear more from them. There is a sort of 80s electro flare to the song but I am not afraid of liking it publicly. Some of my friends are a little snobby when it comes to music and will probably not cling to it as fast as they did Boris. Time will tell how long I stay interested in Hurts.

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