Pabblo Picasso Museo

Today I visited the Pablo Picasso Museum in Barcelona. It is home to mostly Picasso’s earlier student and developmental paintings. Above I just posted a young image of him because I had never seen a non bald and wrinkled Pablo so I googled him to see if he was just born old.

Seeing the collection reminded me of the exhibition at the Clarke Institute where I saw early drawing and painting of Monet. What struck me was that all artists have humble working beginnings and take years to reach the accumulation of work and skill that they are recognised for. I often get frustrated that I am not a better painter and that Pablo was already so much better at painting at a younger age. But schools were probably tougher and he was more rigorous through out his life time with image making. I was laxed and spent more time reading writing that drawing…now it is the opposite in my time.

My favorite part of the museum was the end where Picasso had done cubist remakes of Velazquez portrait Las Meninas.

Picasso did so many different versions and studies on the single painting that I was stunned. I did rough imitations for future reference in the grotesque paintings I have been working on lately. Earlier in my work I was very much into cubism and geometric shapes. I am thinking maybe it is time to return to those ideas in my oil paintings too.

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