The Good and Bad So far in Europe

Obviously there are a lot of differences between America and Europe so there is no need to say God its s… So there are things that I appreciate and not so much so far in my traversing the Spanish land. Since its me I will just start with the bad.

I absolutely cannot stand the service industry of Spain. Namely food…it is so slow in America on average I would have walked out of most resteraunts with the time they take to get food orders in and out. It is due to the fact that waiters make no tip in Europe so they have no reason to work harder, a rare case where I think the business model is actually a necessity for the best service. Also these fucking waiters take your plates before your done and it’s always hard to make them come over or they take food away if no one claims food if they are another end of the table…ie never go to a chain like Tapas Tapas.

Also the street names are on tiny plaques on the city walls and buildings so you can lose track of intersections easily in Spain. And the citizens don’t seem to know where half the locations are in their city… one out of four is always a big DURRR uh that way, no details.

There is dog shit everywhere.

Internet is really bad here and phones seem questionably lower with this weird buzzing ring when calling.

The good things are,

The great intertwining feeling of art and commercialism in Spain. Unlike the U.S. art is open and highly acknowledged with galleries dispersed widely and not blocked off into art ghettos in America. It is probably due to a long and old legacy of architecture and design in Europe that America cannot due not being a thousand-year old nation.

Public transportation is affordable and easy for subways and taxis a big plus. There are also public bikes for free usage.

People are friendlier and eat a better balanced diet even though I don’t think it is necessarily healthier than American diets.

24 hour music video channel. MTV does not do this anymore.

This what I have come up with so far in the end I think I can equate what I enjoy more between the two worlds.

2 Responses to “The Good and Bad So far in Europe”

  1. anoynomus Says:

    I think your pluses out weigh the minuses …
    your just a impatient american

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