Being here longer there are now other aspects of Spain that have disintegrated and been boosted through the stay. Overall I like Barcelona more than Madrid…compared to America Madrid is NY and Barcelona is Boston…too many one way streets.

So the bad things are currently…

Half the resteraunts I have eaten at here are terrible. I think since every resteraunt is basically a bar, bartenders who can´t cook open resteraunts. ¨Oh man they serve beer here. Well I´m hungry. Oh food sucks, but the beer is okay I guess.¨ It seems like these Spaniards can´t cook, I can´t list a resteraunt that isn´t a chain in Barcelona that I would go to again. Pathetic. In America Spanish-American food is very popular and tastes great…but here it´s shit. Along with bad serve there is bad food. Even small bakeries suck, I try buying bread from them to give them a chance against supermarkets and guess what it´s stale, unbelievable. You have to be careful where you eat because of tourism too. A lot of resteraunts just dish out bad food to tourists because they don´t know better. If anything the best food I´ve had is made by…oh…Asians. So stupid that foreign food tastes better than the national food, not counting tapas.

Spaniards in general are also just not as friendly as I´m used to seeing. Yes I am retracting my statement from before they seemed nicer. Everyone seems to think Americans are conceited but it appears we may be warmer than the Spanish. No one ever says hello to people they don´t know on the streets or the metro. Generally Spaniards only talk to the people accompanying them. It´s annoying and they are just douche for it. The nicest people I have met are mothers with young babies, go figure their moms, their happy.

Wasteful building, this weekend I visited the commercial booming section of the city. However most of the buildings seemed dead and the plazas were empty. So Barcelona’s eat little but blow as much cash and expenditure as much as any modern nation.

Things that are good…

Architecture because it promotes public interaction and is outside as opposed to the use of malls in America. I like the numerous sculptures and skyscrapers in the works even if they are a little early for activity.

Sexuality is more open here most likely due to the Franco dictatorship. Gay and Lesbian culture is very open here with advertising for gay events to boot. Not to say there isn´t homophobia in Barcelona but it´s not censored. Also nudity is uncensored and I think it has made art and advertising more complex and dramatic than American imagery.

Food is cheap to buy here cooked or uncooked, it´s just affordable. Also meat seems better cared for and not as processed as American beef (I am getting sick of pork however).

That is all to report.

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