Friend Tiffany Joy Butler informed me on Twitter that a group of former Alfred University students have started a dance and video performance group in upstate New York. They have even performed in Mass MoCa recently. It’s really pleasant to see former peers being active and not falling flat on their graduation degrees. I don’t want to say too much since the website foe BAAD Kinetics speaks better for itself…buts it main goal is for interpretive dance that seeks to recycle information and concepts about people, the environment, and genres. Vague but it is the goal.

The group is founded by Layla Mrozowski who I recall made great videos and dance pieces that I enjoyed all around…she sure is a great creator.

The website is posts

2 Responses to “Baadkinetics”

  1. Yeah! I biked with them to Beacon. We were suppose to have a show there, but it didn’t work out. Haha. They performed at my party though! Layla is a choreographer/ceramicist/ really awesome person. They have a few more shows! Check it out. Emily just started performing with BAAD. SO EXCITING.

  2. O SHIT…I want to see this too. Inform me later when I’m in the states any up coming performances.

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