European Updates instalment 3

You know what else is annoying here?

Well all the dirt in this town for one. Whenever I go walking with my sandals my feet are blackened by the amount suet on the ground. When I’m strolling and gust of air blows into me usually I get some debree in my eyes and shut and blink them quickly to recover from being blinded by the filth of Barcelona. Sorry but I have never been in a city where there is never-ending demand for dirt on the sidewalks. Every morning there are shop keepers sweeping their storefronts. Dirt that only arrived yesterday and will have to be removed tomorrow and every new day after that. Where does all this dirt come from?

Barcelona boasts being a modern city…why the fuck then are elevators such a new concept for apartment buildings? You can tell the buildings were not designed for the invention, the elevator a machine that has been in use since the late 1800’s. All of the elevators are small, skinny, and cramped because a standard sized elevator cannot be assembled inside it? I guess landlords didn’t for see their tenants dying from exhaustion when moving belongings up and down 7 flights of stairs. Also…no water boilers in a lot of homes. Instead we have pilot lights that go out every two days and cause washing clothes to take longer hours. Cold showers more frequent. What a crock.

The good…

Once again about food I cannot get over the selection. The frozen foods are superior to what I’m used to America…but gezpacho soup in a carton? Heaven! The food selection is just more creative and less overwhelming with less brands and more types of goods.

Private bathrooms…at last a nation that supports it whole heartedly. Since going to college I have gotten over the common fear of public bathroom stalls. In Spain however there are so many lockable door, no space under the door, calm restrooms. No hearing voices and anxiousness from passer-byers in the latrine. Great planning for when you gotta go outside your home. In America the only place I can always count on for this is Macy’s.

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