Upcoming enviornments

I was just in the shower removing the dirt from yard work this morning and swimming yesterday. It must have been after I put some new body and hair conditioner that my mom unexpectedly bought for me that a vision sprouted inside me. Before the shower and during the previous school year I considered having my senior show formatted as a cell encased environment. In my sophomore year I saw Elena Grajek’s show and it was her video and print work spaced out with furniture and decorative objects. She won best show at Alfred for her class year. Ever since I have wanted to produce a space without the usual white walls and pedestals of most senior show exhibits. That type of display screams commercial intentions and it is not a goal for me to focus on selling work. There is no point in making a gallery display if your not selling. Former graduate Ben Hyland told me I should be looking for a way to surprise my professors…pushing my work past their expectations.

A lot of work gravitates towards weird mental obsessions or playing. A big obstacle in my time is escaping mundane waiting, WAITING. For example if I’m not driving a car and am a passenger and don’t want to look at the scenery, I open a book. Using waiting time for self gratification or growth is a plus for me. But people are always stuck waiting for something. More of our time seems eaten by getting there than doing it. And it struck me, a waiting room. But not just a waiting room a semi-antithesis of a waiting room and the feelings encased in a waiting room expressed on walls, chairs, floor, decor, and devices in a waiting room space. Most of the work I imagine will be video, photo, and print work. With this new development I think I want sculpture as well; after seeing Picasso and Miro’s bronze cast sculptures of objects integrated to produce a new object I felt disheartened. Sad that I had given up on sculpture in Alfred because of the dogma of clay. I want hand building and foundry now, I’ll probably have to infiltrate the foundry some how because I want to make models resembling humans waiting in chairs.

I cannot say for sure what the work will be…I intend to spend the fall semester working on material art instead of the environment. I think I may want my own walls also instead of the schools. I may ask Eric to make them instead of building them. So much planning I can’t wait to put this all into action. More details will follow on the site.

3 Responses to “Upcoming enviornments”

  1. Wonderful site and theme, would really like to see a bit more content though!
    Great post all around, added your XML feed! Love this theme, too!

  2. You should assemble your photos into a bunch of waiting room magazines, DERRRRRP.

    • Nice suggestion man…I was considering also having some of my photos hanging in glass frames on the walls. I haven’t been big on book making but I know that the school recently got an automated book binder and that is the aspect I hate about the process…binding and sewing.

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