Museo de Nacionalidad: Rememberance

This summer I saw the best of Spain’s national collection of painting. Normally I don’t pay much attention to Renaissance and Romantic era paintings anymore. After being in art history courses tirelessly reviewing the same famous paintings over and over I neglect looking back to it much. And there are some painters who although were highly realisitc in their portraiture produce boring picures for the aristocracy.

But starting with Jose Ribera, whose name I probably had heard but unknown in my immediate thinking was extradordinary. His paintings heavy with shadow and tortuous conflict were in the main entrance hall of the gallery. The martyr painting above was my favorite painting seen that day. Among the other painters I saw with restored admiration were,

Jose Ribera
Jesupe Leonardo
Emilio Sala
Antonio Gisbert 
Jose De Madrazo
Diego Velazquez
Francisco De Goya
Peter Paul Ruebens
El Greco
Hieronymus Bosch
The Naked Maja by Goya became my favorite nude portrait in all of painting. The story behind the lust for Maja painting her nude and the scandal of a Prime Minister possesing it, a mistress possibly,  along with her pose and stare…excited me. I think what bores about most old painting is that it was done by hacks who emphasized the great painters commonly known today. Just like the hacks who paint the same pop imagery annoy me so do the hundreds of painters that painted the crucifixtion. I would never want to take pictures of the paintings since they wouldn’t look good and doing that is also annoying. So I used the internet to cache the paintings that make my heart jump when I see them on to the blog. Powerful painting that deserve to celebrated for the true individual style the painters put into them.

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