Sandwich Eyes

Recently I glued a pair of googly eyes onto a small oil painting I made from an abandoned breakfast sandwich left outside my painting studio door last year. Instead of throwing the sandwich away I kept it for a still life and even after I finished the painting I kept the food in my space for 14 days until someone threw it away. I assume Hope Zaccagni was the one who tossed it for me. I was very attached to the item and even attacked some of my peers when one work night it disappeared and was told Hope came in and disposed of it. I was so mad that I started shouting her name but Nadine Titus and Emily Smith confessed to hiding…I tackled Emily and she got a little afraid. No one was hurt, but I raged for 4 minutes and then laughed.

Currently this canvas is being held hostage with my lady Chloe Tran and it was supposed to be given to my friend John Gill for an exchange of two prints. I’m not sure when or if I can get it back soon for him but I may follow a similar method of modeling and paint some additional sandwiches with the googly eyes. I’m may stop in at Terra Cotta and see how often discarded sandwiches are left sitting on plates. Or I may make sandwiches in my kitchen and paint them in bursts and keep them refrigerated. We’ll see if anything comes of it…in the end I really like googly eyes.

3 Responses to “Sandwich Eyes”

  1. I miss this painting. Screw JG and send it to me and I’ll post you back a frozen meat pie.

  2. anoynomus Says:

    you use the word “attack” lightly , next time try: ‘ripped a new one’ or ‘ straight up murdered’

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