Video Dust Airing

So this week on Tuesday my Alfred Televison Program was aired for the first time. The program is title Video Dust or the Video Dust Showcase. I made this show in order to expose student produced videos in the fields of a visual design, dance, and theater. So far the following is small and the entries are little but the first show featured myself, Sondra Perry, and Tory Keith from Alfred’s Expanded Media Program. The videos were Dance Aches, Tonguing, Purple Lerp, and Where it All Goes.

The show airs at 5ish? everyday and hopefully will receive another time slot. The second episode will airing soon and will and more diverse videos. Watch if you are on campus otherwise go on youtube.

3 Responses to “Video Dust Airing”

  1. oh awesomeee. do you want me to burn you a dvd of “wait for me”? it seems totally mediocre now, yet i like it. i’m coming to alfred soon. i’ll hand it to sondra if i don’t see ya.

  2. I actually already have a copy of it on my drive so it will air soon. I have it planned to show on the third episode. I got it from Devin Henry…the EIA has all of our videos on a hard drive. I think you’ll be accompanied by videos from Sondra, Myself, Devin, and Will Head.

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