Glass Paintings

I’m taking no credits in painting this year and have never taken a fully devoted painting course. But I am still painting this year on the side of my studios just to see what will come of my work. In turn my living room wall and corner have become a mini studio. Right now I’m using acrylic but soon small oil paintings too. As for the glass I found these large glass windows that were discarded by residents or landlords in Alfred due to renovations. I thought I could use these for neon at first.

Lately in my sketchbook I’ve been illustrating deformed or mutated individuals based from research pictures on the internet. Maybe the thought was drawn out by Sylvie Demers paintings and prints junior year, but I conceived the window as being a frame of reference for ill-looking people to peek into the company of the viewer. Also since the paintings can be looked at from two sides made a conceptual interest arise too.

Painting on the glass is fun since its smooth and fits my loose sense of laying down color and shape in painting. The glass allows mistakes to be taken back as well. Using a little amount of water on my finger can erase portions of the picture. But using too much water mixed with paint on the brush can change the painting against my wishes. I’m not sure how many I can make of these since I need more window frames and I’m not sure how long the images will last. I’m afraid to move them around if they shatter or the paint could get scratched. I’m contemplating possible using them in a video or photo project by erasing the painting from the windows as a performance. Until then they will continue to sit against my walls untitled.

2 Responses to “Glass Paintings”

  1. You should use thinned paint glazes, stack the windows in front of one another, light it from behind, and then you’ll have some really trippy looking shit.

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