MOMA rates odd beauties

For an art history paper due next week I’m going to research and write about Marina Abramovic. I’ve been struck lately by her great performances, ideas, and beauty…and beauty is what is coming into play here. Through a google search I found a tumblr page that documented some starers from Abramovic’s performance “The Artist is Present”. What made these visitors to the museum so notable is that they have been rated by the MoMA staff as attractive. Handsome or pretty, men and women. I agree that some of the faces are pleasing to the eye but for some reason the whether it’s the positioning of the head with the camera or the lighting some of the people just look strange.

The jawline and skull and of the pictured man above I found to be the strangest of the men. The photos were shot by a Marco Anelli an Italian who seems to have limited info about himself on the web. The photos themselves do have a powerful aura and compliment the crying shots of starers who broke into tears from Abramovic’s unceasing gaze. But why have a grouping of the pretty? Along with that bizzare complexions. Wide faces, pointy chins, almond shaped eyes, square heads, and cheek bones stand out the most to me.

I can’t tell if this tilting is a sign of vanity and self-definition of beauty in the performance among Anelli or MoMA. Maybe it just has to do with coupling Marina’s prettiness with her opposing companions in the artwork. It just seems strange to treat the event like a runway show for desirable faces instead of the face of some man who literally went everyday to the MoMA for Abramovic’s performance. The museum seems to get weirder to me all the time?

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    Chernoff I saw this and thought of you:

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