Budget Surplus

Although I am ill with a runny nose I came to Harder Hall today to do some last-minute work before leaving for Albany. It occurred to me that on a small break I should look around the studios for any left over or abandoned tools or material. Did I find much? Mostly half a dozen brushes, scrap paper, two tiny tubes of paint, test  prints, failed prints, canvas, and 3 paper paintings. If there is ever a time a person needs discount art supplies you only need to do one thing…find out when schools out at the nearest art college near you. There probably could be a whole industry devoted to saving these misfit items if someone undertook it.  At the end of each semester there must be the equivalent of mountain of assorted junk and it’s still usable. Before the semester began I found free pallet knives and paper in the print shop. Are the students here rich enough they can just buy new stuff every semester or are they just too drunk to remember they left half their studio supplies behind. I’m paying so much to be here at Alfred that it’s a big bonus to receive free material and the delivery fee being my arms carrying stuff through halls and up elevators. I’m not encouraging people to steal…but take the left overs its worth hanging around another week after classes end.

12 Responses to “Budget Surplus”

  1. Courtney Wilcox Says:

    dont blog about this, others will catch on!
    ( every time foundations does a clean up I call dana and we do a sweep through, this year I made it out with 2 NEW packages of prismacolor pencils, seriously never even opened still in the cellophane , countless brushes, charcoal, a NEW portfolio, paper, conte , a hot glue gun, india ink, new basics acrylics…etc… bascially everything that comes in the art kit.)

    • You know its too interesting not to blog about Courtney. And whats this shadowy profile about you have a wordpress account? I also didn’t mention that I got oodles of free scrap paper from print and painting too.

  2. courtneywilcox Says:

    lemme guess, it was on 4chan.

    • Correct Courtney…it is a photoshooped image I found on 4chan a while ago. I put it in because I like having some sort of image to accompany every post I write, bloging requires decoration. I think I chose it just because what’s better than girl butt…girl butt and cheeseburgers. The picture is so metamorphic and sensible to me, and seeing vegetable and meat products hanging out between butt cheeks read to me as oozing extra content.

  3. courtneywilcox Says:

    I guess i like a little mystery ? whats wrong with a silhouette? its not like its a blue set of eyes, a fluorescent light, and a girl with a plaid scarf.

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