Funny Video Gaming

Lately I’ve been exploring video game consoles being processed through video and sound equipment on my SNES and Dreamcast. For example…

The inspiration and ideas for this type of work came from a Alfred grad Allen Riley and he has worked with me on a few studio sessions. Before the work now he also showed me a funny clip from the game Desert Bus. Desert Bus being a real-time simulator of a bus driving across the desert from Arizona to Las Vegas Nevada. Meaning this is a 6-8 hour driving game and you have the option to also drive back to Las Vegas with a steering wheel that always veers left making players have to pay attention to the road at all times. It was unreleased for distribution on the Sega CD.

Another game my friend Tyler and I found was Hateris…a JavaScript incarnation of tetris with primarily only s-blocks. There is so little variety in the blocks that are given that its harder to make lines rather than actually keep a game going for longer than two minutes. I received no score no lines…the max score has been recorded at 13 lines cleared. Check out the site


Lastly there is another game Tyler introduced me to called Qwop in which you must use 4 keys to manipulate a runners legs and thighs in order to run 100 meters. I spent ten minutes playing this genius game and only made it to 7.1 meters out of 100.

The website for the game is here…

There’s not much else to say about these flash games except I don’t usually keep up or even play flash games because I’m not a fan of using keyboards for gameplay so PC gaming is not my universe. But these gems are worth noting in my media memory and I may explore trying to send Hatris to the video equipment and see what patterns can be obtained. I think a lot of what goes on in my work and interest now is seeing what immersion really is. Everyone is so caught up in 3D glasses and screens for immersion but its more like a textured puppet show than taking me into a new world inside light configuration. Seeing and controlling image color, line, shape, texture, sound, and movement has more potential for an immersive medium than seeing an i-Max feature. Even video games have grown from kids watching their peers verse each other in living rooms to youtube, gaming tournaments, and online achievement records and video feed. What’s the point of 3D of it can’t add to a story in a movie yet and a controller can alter the course of actions and destined results? Either way I’d rather see ripin riders on box monitor than Star Wars 3D.

2 Responses to “Funny Video Gaming”

  1. Courtney Wilcox Says:

    AAAAAAAAAHHHH , effin qwop

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