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Every hollywood 3D movie I despise as a cheap gimmick. A technique to draw in audiences for mediocre movies or features that didn’t need a 3D polish to be good. 3D in general doesn’t add anything to the understanding of a story in a movie. Surprisingly now my expectations changed some what with the advent of Tron Legacy. Tron Legacy isn’t perfect and although a good watch it has as many faults as does successes as a product. The biggest success to me was the 3D landscape of the digital realm of Tron Legacy. The 3D was used an enhancer of the world inside the computer and real barrier between physical and numerical existence. None of the external real world footage contains the 3D effect and was left as standard cinematography and was also stated precluding the movie that some scenes contained no 3D. It’s a clear sign that the 3D was meant to highlight the transitional existence of the characters in the computer and for the viewing audience.

Thinking of what dimension the digital realm would exist is unclear also…is it a timeline of 3D or 4D…perhaps 5D? But the depth field in the was definitely advanced to a degree that Sam Flynn was even astounded at his loss of perception in the moving space of the computer. Lighting in this movie was also mysterious since the sky was luminous and most light derived from digital sentients. In a weirdly abstract way the layers of form and space were adequately captured in a world where it mirrors our architecture and ideas but does not have the same ecosystem or physics. There also appeared to be a lacking of goofy techniques at work like objects hurling towards the eye and leaning in motions. This was not exploration of 3D for the sake of 3D but for the narrative medium. Medium was used by the medium and is understood and controlled by the makers of Tron Legacy in the tradition of Mcluhan’s theories.

There isn’t a questioning of why people want to see 3D, only that it is wanted and therefore it is achieved. But 3D remains mostly not analysed and processed for why it should be included in a movie. 3D should be chosen not for sole commercial reasons but as an actual technique and not a standard. I saw Toy Story 3 in 3D and as much as I enjoyed the movie the 3D added zero value to the movie. As a whole seeing Tron Legacy was the closest thing that I received for an immersive experience with 3D. It brought out the architecture and space of Tron’s digital realm to the fullest.

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