Vimeo the land of the unimpressive

I am writing another entry about vimeo today because it’s really starting to get on my nerves. How videos that don’t seem all that great to me are being glorified by the staff and community only because they were made with high resolution cameras and have brittle narratives and storylines (not including music videos posted there). I’ve noticed a lot of the vimeo staff doesn’t seem to be very artistic either and mostly know how to work technoogy and press record on a camera. Their just a bunch of video editors and company reps who mostly just promote contests and products for camera companies. Then they pick the best videos that show what can be done with HD and computer animation. Usually the staff work makes me cringe at how bad or uninteresting it is. Instead of looking at video as a legacy and history and you’d think video only became important a few years ago due to HD.

Here is a great example of a typical vimeo video page. There is a subject matter that is there and has almost no value except for being shot in HD. It has HD quality, uh editing, and a non-spoken narative and or song that really gives it a real symbolic message for our generation. Let’s see another video.

Well it’s not in HD unfortunately. Mmmm doesn’t seem to be HD footage. It’s definitely SD and its just color and some really harsh music that makes me feel unsure of myself. Is this real time processing? Ew this is from the 80’s VHS’s are terrible. I wonder which video is “cooler”

If you also look at the first videos comments board there are no negative or critical remarks only hoorahs and that’s not unusual on vimeo. The only dissension you’ll find is by me under my name Michael Chernoff. Since I posted a negative comment i did get some feed back from the vimeo community finally, it’s like their surprised someone is talking. As for the second video it only has 58 views now and one comment by me. If vimeo was a serious site they would take down childish comments like great video, or wow beautiful, or eye catching…what the fuck do those words mean? Just compliments not a analysis.

Along with the HD parade is its obvious destiny to become quickly outdated. HD cameras are rapidly improving and one day a lot of the videos on the site will be able to be done by flip cams in a few years with the same quality. It’s become an obsession to just have great resolution and filters in final cut when in reality there aren’t many memorable videos being shown on vimeo it’s the internet equivalent of 3D IMAX for movie theaters. Despite the HD craze it’s also the least applicable format now because it has massive memory usage and not all media can play HD efficiently. Right now it’s just the best viewing option for television but not much else. Compared to analog video however the possibilities never die. Allen Riley told me about this curve of resolution versus actual processing. How HD will be obsolete model to model but analog will always be desirable. Jitter can’t even handle HD and it tries to emulate video synths and processors but can’t do the newest codecs? Jitter then is only good for real time performance videos or you don’t have physical video equipment. I see HD as having a million possibilities with after effects and final cut in the mix. But for analog the number of possibilities is in the trillions just because it’s so fluid and adaptable to many processes.

I think I got my fustration out. In the end I have more love for youtube at the moment. Maybe if the vimeo staff got cleaned out there could be better features on the site. I can only hope that one day everyone will become as bored with the content as I am. and that there will be a change.

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