Insane Video Game Reasoning

A lot of my video artwork has been centered around the medium of videogames and as such I’ve looked around youtube for other alternative game experiences. I run my video game content from actual video game hardware like consoles, cartridges, and controllers. I have my games due to years of collecting and saving vinatge items but if you don’t have unique game devices peope tend to opt out for emulators. Personally I don’t use them and don’t have time for them or even the lack of games for it. But along with playing hard to find titles nerds have also started rewriting rom codes to alter the mechanics of 16-bit games. The most popular game I find altered is still Super Mario World probably due to its classic learning curve and landscape.

In turn a new genre of gaming or art? However you want to define has sprouted and its been titled Insane Mario the link is below.

Now I see what I am doing with games and what these cyber creators are doing as two different things. I am keeping games intact and not trying to alter their speed, compostion, or boundaries with code, instead I am remixing the look and feel of games with real time processing and then objective editing to weave a narrative in order to convey my analysis of interactive games. What the insane nerds are doing is trying to recreate the games structure in order to continue a video game experience or it could even be a deeper study of the functions of video objects in the games.

Personally I think there is no study in any of this by the hackers changing the roms. This trend seems to have more to do with insecurities about gaming skill. Due to online gaming it can never be disputed who is better than who at a game thanks to statistics and achievements. Casual and hardcore gamers used to be two separate pools of gamers where it was hard to measure actual gaming difference unless you just wanted to hear about hardcore gamers in forums. There used to be just an air of mystery about if hardcore gamers were actually skilled and now its not certain. In fact I knew many people in public school who could be identified as hardcore due how much time they spent playing but in terms of ability they weren’t always good at the games they undertook. Sometimes I was better than them I played less hours of games than they did.

To be more exact this idea of a hardcore gamer is similar to 4chan’s newfag/oldfag titles in which knowledge is what seperates online personas and one info is shared there is less and less of a clear elite of digital commentators. Ok that was a weird analogy but I hope it made sense. Anyway Mario is a series started by Shigeru Miyamoto and Mario World was released nearly 2 decades ago, a game beaten many times over by many players. Just like any experience in life it has a start and an end and once played the game either be replayed or not it’s irrelevant. But reforming these roms to create new game expereinces seems childish and meek to me.

Firstly these home brewed Mario scenarios are not fun…they don’t look fun…and don’t seem fun, maybe this is what hardcore means, un-enjoyable. Forget about casual gaming because almost no gamer would want to undertake these scenarios because they are so frustrating and if Mario were ever meant to be as hard as these new authors make there would have been a commercial release of impossible mario. A game with such high difficulty like this doesn’t even warrant continues because all these idiots with their emulators just do save states so they don’t have to re walk the stage instead they reappear due to a command encryption. At the end the stage will be completed and then what are viewers supposed to think…these guy has great coding skills or he is a good gamer…what the fuck does this mean?

I liked seeing 8 min cleared Marion right there fun and no cheating.

So what is the point of this? I think it has to do with a desire for new challenge from games but not in the Little Big Planet sense. These are players who can’t get over themselves, they see they are really good at Mario but then go online and see other people just as good as them and it’s not good enough. They have to make something that has no meaning or playable value and show everyone how good they are at game mod that not even nintendo cared enough to do. A game is over when it’s completed and the experience can’t be furthered upon except for a replay. Get over it and play something else or do another activity. Seeing these mods is like if society took fan fiction and published literature. Maybe readers wouldn’t be satisfied enough by On The Road and just decided to stick their own sentences and pages in and expand upon the writing because it was lacking and we wanted more, and then the whole point of the writing would change forever. We’ll call the Jamie Lauren edition of On The Road and Super MarioKevin World. Just like how you change Mario and it has no conclusion or story structure…just obstacles, it becomes a game of mouse in a maze instead of climbing a mountain of achievement.

These is just a personal outlook on another work method of reinventing games, but emulators have not warped understanding of games only the extreme power of difficulty it has and how pointless that difficulty without real boundaries and limitations.

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