Shay Maria/Victoria Taylor

So it has been a while since I posted some erotic content on the blog. I was staying away from these things due to other interests and trying to balance out the meaning of my wordpress. I have gotten too much viewing I think from horny needs of seeing nudes posted here. However I couldn’t help myself with two new models I found tonight named Shay Maria and Victoria Taylor. I don’t even know who their photographers are for the most part since they seem either anonymous or have small bios. Either way I am just here for the beauty of their bodies and talents and not the camera controllers.

Shay Maria is an up and coming dancer who also is trying her hand with acting and modeling. A classy lady she won’t do full nudes and instead does tease poses with little clothing mostly. I prefer this since her allure is more than just good looks and curves. She seems to have an innate expressiveness for the camera and is able to fit the roles of the backdrops and clothes she is sporting for each picture. I want to see more photos with her and she’s only 20 so she has a long way to go.

Victoria Taylor is 27 and a very different body type from Maria. I love her confident poses and she really knows how to bend her body in comparison to Shay Maria who usually does very erect and straight forward poses. But this may have more to do with the direction of the photographer than the models. Victoria has 3 years of experience but unfortunately is not shooting at this time? No idea why. In any case I will keep these ladies in mind  for any future art undertakings that I need the assistance of the commercial photo industry.

One Response to “Shay Maria/Victoria Taylor”

  1. Andrew Stergiou Says:

    Now if only they can hold a real conversation (which is not to say they can not converse) of matters of substance (which does not say they can not reference substance) in what can be asserted (not that they have to assert anything) explained (for we all lack words at times or are so indisposed) that sexuality can be ignored and not catered to (as there other things in the world) besides ourselves.

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