My favorite Painting of All

Andrew Wyeth is not my favorite artist Dali is. But his painting Chistina’s World is spectacular…a picture with a story of unlimited possibilities because it is the sole start of story. Something is waiting for the woman in the house far away. It makes me unsure what her fate or feelings are. Her body seems tied down and cannot leave the area. Is she escaping or recalling the force that draws her attention to the line of sight. The building is dark and lifeless. A piece of cloth hangs from a line and it almost looks like a figure. The whole scene is cinematic and can stir emotions of fear, curiosity, sorrow, and insecurity held together by a bond uneasiness. The dreaminess and scariness all rolled into one and there is no catharsis or conclusion. It is a sad story wrapped into itself. The picture is a point of visual origin for the never ending dramas of the main hero facing against the unknown challenges of an antagonist.

One Response to “My favorite Painting of All”

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